Kitset Switchboards

With our Kitset range, you can choose between two types of switchboards. You can opt for a kitset fold & fix construction system or a UV stable, IP65, Polycarbonate, waterproof system. Both product ranges can be tailored to fit your requirements.

The idea came about because we are aware that the Do-It-Yourself mindset runs deep in the mindset of the New Zealand tradesperson, partially because of our geographic isolation and, partially due to our ability to turn our hands to most things, but mostly because we like things to be there when we need them, built exactly how we want them.

The Drawings show Multiclip Distribution which can accommodate any brand of din rail distribution equipment and allows the mixing of 1, 2, & 3 pole MCBs and RCBOs. Please ask about other distribution options.

IP65 Polycarbone size: From 600 x 600 x 132mm

Light Commercial: 525mm wide, 160mm Deep 

Domestic: 420mm wide, 130mm Deep (options with 90mm recess tabs)


We take switchboard building seriously! At emf Switchboards, we are electricians building switchboards with the electrician in mind. Safety, reliability and simplicity are the key features of all our designs. Our aim is minimise installation costs while providing safe and reliable switchboard solutions to match the needs of the site.
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