Cubo P Panel Building System

This panel building system is designed to be constructed using one or more base parts. The bases are totally open on all four sides, allowing fast and efficient mounting of the internal equipment. Additionally, this system includes a wide variety of accessories and features an endless range of sizes and configurations due to its modular design. Check out our case studies for inspiration. 

Construction: The Ensto Cubo P system is tested and approved to IP 65. All plates and covers are provided with gaskets, which ensure a high degree of protection

Quick Assembly and Mounting: All parts of the panel building system can be assembled quickly and easily thanks to the locking pins. The locking pin system also makes it easier to disassemble parts without damage to the enclosure.

Modular Covers: The Ensto Cubo P system also includes lockable and sealable modular covers with several front panel alternatives. 

*Because Cubo O and Cubo P are a similar modular system, they share some accessories such as covers, extension frames, cover screws, and some internal mounting gear. If you are unsure about anything when working with the Cubo P System, please give us a ring and we can help you out.