Thermoplastic Cubo Enclosures

The electrical switchboard enclosure with the Finnish touch. All thermoplastic enclosures can withstand the harsh UV rays of the southern hemisphere, protect the electronic equipment from water, dust, moisture, impacts and tampering as well as looking good while doing so. Cubo P can be customized to suit and still retain its integrity. Ensto Vulcano can do all that while keeping the current flowing while on fire. Find out how to choose the right enclosure for the job.

Mounting Plates - These are available for your ensto enclosure upon request.  They can be made from the following: Steel, PVC & Formica.

*Please specify if you require an enclosure with metric knockouts when you place an order or, give us a call to find the best solution.   

stp. dwg. and dxf. files are available. Please copy the product code into and navigate to the downloads tab.