EnstoNet Installation Couplers

EnstoNet - Prefabricated Modules

Each installation system is very unique to each customer. Therefore, you will need to contact our experienced team of engineers. It would be our pleasure to help and advise you in finding the best solution for you!

Less on-site work: The EnstoNet system is based on prefabricated components. Standard length prefabricated leads are wired from the distribution board/cabinet. Installation couplers are used all the way to the end of the fixed wiring circuit. EnstoNet can reduce on-site work by up to 70%.

Flexibility: The EnstoNet installation system provides the easiest, fastest, most cost-efficient way to rearrange, expand, or re-install an existing network. As no waste is generated and products can be re-used due to their modular nature, an environmentally friendly life cycle can be achieved and disposal costs avoided.

Fast installation: With compressed schedules and programs, combined with the inevitability of change, Ensto brings an installation system based on advanced fabrication. This provides the user with the ability to adapt as well as providing significant time savings compared to traditional installation methods.

Safety first: The rapid nature of an EnstoNet modular installation requires less risky work, such as working at height on elevated work platforms. As there are no stripping or cutting tools required, personal protection is improved, and the risk of injury reduced significantly.

To find out more, head to Ensto's website, watch the video or, email us if you would like to find out if EnstoNet would work for your next project.

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