Technical Reference Charts

As per New Zealand regulations

Below you will find the technical charts for the following:

  • Calculating short circuit currents
  • Average full load motor currents
  • Technical data
  • Screw torque settings

Chemical Resistance of Polycarbonate and ABS Enclosures

Chemical resistance of thermoplastic enclosures is determined by its ability to sustain mechanical integrity while being exposed to specific chemicals. Obviously, temperature, chemical concentration, level of mechanical stress, and duration of exposure are variables that can greatly influence the performance of an enclosure in a particular application.

Difference Between Industrial Plastics

All thermoplastic enclosures we stock are manufactured using high-quality, halogen-free, and recyclable polycarbonate or ABS plastic. Although plastic is much lighter than steel, it has very high impact- resistance, in addition, any dents or bumps are not as noticeable in plastic as they would be with steel. Thermoplastic is also easier to machine, maintain, and alter than steel or aluminium enclosures with similar impact and chemical resistances.  

IK Ratings Explained

IK-rating is a number from IK00 to IK10, which tells how well products withstand impacts and hits. The higher the IK-rating is the better impact resistance it has. Typically, industrial grade enclosures require IK-rating from IK06 up to IK10.

For industrial enclosures, third party impact test conditions should be conducted both in -25C and +35 Celsius temperatures. This means that the product is suitable for both hot and cold climates. For plastic enclosures, the cold temperatures are more challenging as the material becomes more brittle. There are aging tests conducted for the enclosure to simulate environmental conditions and then the enclosure is targeted with impacts based on the expected IK-rating. After the targeted hits, the enclosure needs to function as it is designed to.



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