Where can I buy emf Switchboard's products?

Please find a list of electrical wholesalers throughout the country through which you can place an order or request more information if you do not already have an account with us. Or, If you're nearby, feel free to visit our showroom.


Who has got some of emf Switchboards gear in stock? 

Active Electrical:

Palmerston North

Who can stock products from emf?

If you are a wholesaler, or have an account with us, and would like to display some items to diversify your shop, please contact us for information and options. 

How do I go about ordering or getting a quote for a custom switchboard?

Send us an email and attach the electrical specifications. Or, send us an email with any drawings, photos of the exisiting switchboard, a list of what you need in the switchboard, any codes (if you saw it on our website) and, a little description on where the switchboard will be going. Alternatively, you can call our quoting team to discuss your needs.

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