Switchboard Kiosk

Kiosks (often called pillar boxes or lockable sheds for outdoor switchboards) provide extra  protection to switchboards that need to be mounted outdoors, in high traffic areas or, when an extra layer of protection is needed. emf has designed and supplied kiosks for local and regional councils, custom one-off kiosks, and for fuel stations. All the kiosks below were made from 3mm Aluminium and were custom powder coated to client specifications.

1025 x 300 x 330mm Kiosks have been used to house street lighting controls for regional councils. These kiosks can comfortably fit a 600 x 300mm combined meter and distribution board and 3 pin plug outlets.

1610 x 1100 x 550mm kiosks, these come with a lead hatch below the main doors so you can leave the generator leads plugged in and keep the main doors locked. 

Take a look at a previous pump station kiosk project. 

Take a look at an E.V distribution board mounted in a kiosk. 

Please email us for more information, or for custom kiosk inquiries. 


We take switchboard building seriously! At emf Switchboards, we are electricians building switchboards with the electrician in mind. Safety, reliability and simplicity are the key features of all our designs. Our aim is minimise installation costs while providing safe and reliable switchboard solutions to match the needs of the site.
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