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Metering Solutions: 

Campground Metering:
Small campgrounds all over the country are running into trouble with their old HRC fuse panels failing. emf ADAPT has provided a solution that is double insulated, IP69, IK10, and padlockable in a similar size range to the original ‘Hicks Box’. with 4mm Polycarbonate construction (for Poly Box solutions) make this box virtually ‘everything proof’ and being double insulated means there is less danger if it gets backed over by an over-enthusiastic camper.  
Combined Meter & Distribution: 

IP Rated, Semi-recessable and looks good!. Depending on how many ways you need, the size of your meter (meters are not included), and how much room you need, we can easily come up with a design that will fit your site. 

How The Cubo P System Really Helps out:

Because the Cubo P System is made to be customisable, you will see us using this system a lot when it comes to combined meter & distribution. This is becuase the base parts can be joined together in any way to make up a switchboard that will fit the available space. For example, the ADA3-100AMD switchboard can be joined along the long sides if preffered. And, Cubo P is IP67 & IK08 (waterproof and impact resistant) 

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