Standard Distribution Boards

Features of a Standard Distribution Board:
Our standard range of Distribution Boards are constructed from 1.6m zinc plated steel metal work which is powder coated with a cream ripple finish. The completed boards are rated at IP 42.

Each board includes:

  • 1 x 100A Schneider Acti 9 Main Switch.
  • 1 x Teubels PAN assembly.
  • Earth/Neutral Bars to suit.
  • 2mm Routered PVC Masking Panel.
  • Wiring from Main switch to PAN assembly.

Variations to Standard Boards:

  • 63A Main Switch.
  • 250/160A Main Switch with upgraded earth/neutral bars.
  • Duct boxes, top, bottom or side.
  • Key lockable.
  • Meter Boxes can be attached to the top or bottom.
  • Aluminium Gland Plates.

What sets us apart from the rest.

Gland Plates:

  • As an optional extra, Aluminium or PVC Gland Plates can be included on the top and/or bottom of the switchboard.
  • Aluminium - 3mm thick.
  • Grey PVC - 4.5mm thick.

These allow for:

  • Easy addition of extra cables.
  • No swarf from cutting through metal cabinets.
  • No sharp edges.
  • No eddy currents.
  • No more risky acrobatics on the end of an electric drill with a large hole saw.
  • Keeps switchboard dust and rodent free.

Routered Masking Panels:

  • Only cut out the circuit breakers you need.
  • No more pole fillers to fall out.
  • Cut out with a sharp knife.
  • Smooth, shiny PVC that stays clean! (not expanded foam)
  • Fire resistant - does not sustain a flame.
  • Spare cut-outs for controls or RCDs on Main Switch rail.

Double Hinged Insulated Geartray:
We use a range of different materials for these gear trays;

  • Signex
  • Typanel
  • PVC

These allow for:

  • Cable access up the back of the cabinet.
  • Ease of opening.
  • Hides cabling.
  • Acts as a cable duct.

These are suggested sizes only, please call or email to customise.


We take switchboard building seriously! At emf Switchboards, we are electricians building switchboards with the electrician in mind. Safety, reliability and simplicity are the key features of all our designs. Our aim is minimise installation costs while providing safe and reliable switchboard solutions to match the needs of the site.
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