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Metal Switchboards

emf Switchboards has compiled three metal switchboard systems that contain the essential components, while considering room for the other aspects of what your 'standard switchboard' could be. 


The S Series; Which has been our mainstay standardised switchboard. This option includes a PAN assembly and an option for a 63A or 100A main switch. Tails from the main switch to the PAN. E/N bar to suit. 

The LC Series; Options include: PAN Assembly (includes wiring tails), Multiclip or Comb bar distribution. Alternatively, you can opt for a switchboard with just the main switch and din rails for you to populate. All options come with a 100A main switch and E/N bar to suit.

The W Series; This is our metal option for domestic applications. Option to include distribution systems, or supplied with din rails for wire looming. 63A or 100A main switch, E/N bar to suit. 

Don't see your standard switchboard listed? Please give us a call to discuss your requirements. 

S Series metal switchboards for 4TP to 24TP distribution

S Series

240mm Deep Metalwork 

63A - 125A

  • Standard switchboards using PAN assemblies
  • Sizes start at 500 x 500mm and increase in 125mm increments
  • 4TP to 24TP PAN Assembly
  • 63A or 100A main switch
  • PVC gland plates top and bottom
  • 2mm white PVC masking panel
  • Thumb latch
  • E/N bar to suit
  • Tails from main switch to PAN
  • 1.6mm zinc plated steel metal work
  • Powdercoated cream ripple finish
LC series metal switchboards with distribution or din rails custom switchboard

LC Series

160mm Deep Metalwork

63A - 125A

  • Three cabinet sizes.
  • 8TP to 24TP PAN assembly, or
  • 8TP Multiclip/s, or
  • 24 to 96 single phase way din rails.
  • PAN cabinets include wiring from main switch to PAN. (not shown in image)
  • 63A or 100A main switch.
  • PVC gland plates top and bottom.
  • Punched metal masking panel
  • Slide latch.
  • E/N bar to suit.
  • 1.6mm zinc plated steel metal work. 
  • powder coated cream ripple finish.

W series metal switchboard for custom domestic switchboards

W Series

130mm Deep Metalwork

63A - 125A

  • Four cabinet sizes.
  • 18 to 90 single phase din rails.
  • Optional distribution (comb bar or multiclip)
  • 63A or 100A main switch.
  • No wiring unless requested.
  • Optional flush surround.
  • Split E/N bar to suit.
  • Punched metal masking panel
  • Slide Latch.
  • Designed with domestic applications in mind.
  • Wall recess guides on metalwork.
  • 1.6mm zinc plated steel metalwork.
  • Powder coated white gloss finish.

Switchboards Made to Order

Designed and quoted according to the requirements provided by the client. Please send us a list of what you need, pictures of the current switchboard, and we'll handle the rest.

small distribution switchboard on concrete pillar in basement

1250 x 500 x 240mm, x2 6TP Distribution

grey kiosk for a wastewater pump on the side of the road

1850 x 1100 x 550mm, Ali Kiosk with Pump Switchboard

medium switchboard replacement  in a cowshed

1125 x 2000 x 240mm, 100A Cowshed Switchboard

  • Cowshed Switchboards
  • Meter & Distribution
  • MCC Switchboards
  • Mechanical Services Panels
  • Pump & Control Switchboards
  • Generator Connection Panels
  • Solar Distribution Cabinets
  • E.V Distribution Switchboards
  • HVAC & Lighting Controls
  • Switchboard upgrades or Retrofit kits